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See the rules for Welcome to the Dungeon, designed by Hisanori Hiraoka and Masato Uesugi. It's a fun board game for small parties, very affordable. Here is a summary: Each monster has a certain power: Goblins 1, Skeletons 2, Orcs 3, Vampires 4, Golems 5, Lichs 6, Demons 7, and Dragons 9. Each item deals with some monsters: Torch kills less than 3 strength, Holy Grail even strength, the Dragon Spear kills the Dragon, and the Vorpal Sword kills a type you choose before entering. The Knight Shield and Plate Armor increase your base health (3 for the Warrior) by 3 and 5 respectively. If a monster isn't killed its strength is subtracted from your health.

Name Effect Image
Plate Armor +5 Health. Plate Armor
Knight Shield +3 Health. Knight Shield
Torch Kills all monsters with less than or equal to 3 strength. Torch
Holy Grail Kills all monsters with even strength. Holy Grail
Vorpal Sword Kills a type of monster you choose before entering the dungeon. Vorpal Sword
Dragon Spear Kills the dragon. Dragon Spear

During the bidding phase, until you choose to pass, you can either add monsters to the dungeon or remove items from the hero (both by clicking on them). Whoever is last to pass goes in. Two successes is a win, two failures and you're out. Currently the A.I. players implemented are a Sarsa agent, a Sarsa Lambda agent (see the classic book on reinforcement learning, Sutton and Barto), and soon a Double DQN agent (from the paper "Deep Reinforcement Learning with Double Q-Learning" by Hado van Hasselt and David Silver). Games are also limited to 3 players including yourself. To the best of my knowledge this is the only online implementation (using art mostly from Kentaro Miura's Berserk for a little variety).